Sabtu, 06 April 2013

Commercial equipment: buy or don't buy?

If you’re buying or servicing gardening machines considering leasing to your contracting business, rental equipment might be a viable option. Enumerate say twenty opportunity where renting may be the best overall choice.

1. you do not have the capital or resources to invest in its machines.

2. rental equipment can act as a temporary solution until it raises enough money for this investment.

3. If you don’t have the necessary equipment, can have the client pays to the hiring of appropriate tools.

4. the use of equipment is at most once every quarter.

5. rental equipment is better than buying old cars because the former is preserved much sooner than the latter.

6. equipment maintenance is done for you.

7. you won’t have to worry about depreciation and obsolescence.

8. are there any storage costs for rentals.

9. rental companies have a multitude of tools for you to choose from.

10. rental equipment comes with the experience and expertise of its specialists.

11. You can gain access to the latest tools, up to safe standards.

12. your rent for the newer models is on par with the rate of buying cheaper models available.

13. gear hire is ideal for emergency situations when buying your tools takes time.

14. If your vehicles break down, you can rent while waiting for the Exchange to get fixed.

15. If the business is good and all your heavy machinery are tied up with other projects, rented equipment can be delegated to new assignments.

16. When business auctions on some months and seasons only, rental gear is more feasible than buying cars that have been inactive for more than half of the year.

17. For the odd job that requires specialized tools, equipment for hire are the most convenient way to go.

18. machines for the maintenance and repair are not rented rather than purchased.

19. machines that perform only one kind of work might also be better off rented that bought.

20. You can also rent equipment for the transport of goods less cost than transport or shipment in Italy.

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